Bronchiectasis – the finished shift dress

I have finally completed my free machine embroidered shift dress and safely delivered it to Penny Wheeler. Monday it was packed ready to send to the National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford, where shiftWorks will run from 12th November to 8th Jan, 2017.

Throughout the project, the dress threw up quite a few difficulties in the design and the construction. However, the text for the care label was actually quite easy to choose and draw because the instructions for looking after the condition are pretty standard, although trying to manage them every day can be tricky.



The final stage of sewing the panels of the dress together involved hand stitching. I decided to use red thread because I wanted to strengthen the link with the body; it was also a good contrast. Stitching through some rather inflexible, but fragile fabric was quite a challenge and not helped by my lack of tolerance for hand sewing. With persistence the dress was finished …

Bronchiectasis shift dress, free machine embroidery