Some dressmaking…

This week I have had a very good excuse to make some clothes. My growing stack of lovely fabrics that I have purchased over the years with the hope that one day I will find time to make a garment from them, have been dusted off, pressed and turned into summer skirts so that I could try and photograph the process  because I needed some images for a work shop.


image 1


Taking photographs of a sewing machine was far more difficult than I had expected: the lighting was tricky due to the shape of the machine and finding the right fabric and backdrop proved to be quite challenging. With my sons help, we settled on this image and mailed it to the National Centre of Craft and Design in Sleaford, along with my first signed contract, workshop plan and risk assessment for my ‘make a shift dress in day’ workshop that is going to be held inNovember. And the by product of this endeavour – three pretty summer skirts ready for a holiday.